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Effective Immediately
Due to changes in SACSCOC interpretation of Substantive Change Policy, programs will no longer have the option of being on moratorium. This means program faculty must either accept applicants and have a viable program, or discontinue the program. We can no longer offer an interim status while decisions are made to change or end a program.

New The Regulation Related to Awarding Undergraduate Credit on the Basis of Advanced Placement Exam Scores (UNC Policy 700.10.1 [R]) has been distributed by the UNC System Offices. This policy requires UNC System schools to award credit for AP Exam scores of 3 or higher. Departments in the disciplines related to each test have identified the appropriate course or courses for which students will receive credits at UNC Greensboro. By January 31, 2019, that list of equivalencies will be posted. For now, please find the memo from the UNC System, the regulations, and a set of FAQs related to the policy.

Please refer any questions about this policy or its regulations to Jodi Pettazzoni (jepettaz@uncg.edu).

Advanced Placement regulation memo

Regulation on Awarding Undergraduate Credit on the Basis of Advanced Placement Exam Scores

Examples and Frequently Asked Questions

Retroactive Changes
We will no longer accept retroactive requests. Institutional best practice does not support current action to affect prior term curricula. This impacts consistency across the Bulletin, Banner Catalog and Degree Works. Students are allowed to move forward to a newer catalog. For those that are disadvantaged by moving to a new catalog, departments can accommodate them on a case by case basis by substituting courses and/or waiving hours in their major.

Exception Request to Regulation Related to Fostering Student Success (120-hour Degrees)
The Regulation Related to Fostering Student Success (UNC Policy 400.1.5 [R]), amended by the UNC System Board of Governors and effective Jan. 31, 2018, states that the required semester hours for a baccalaureate degree are set for UNC System schools at 120 semester credit hours. By fall 2019, all UNCG programs must revise their curricula to be in compliance. Per the policy,

Baccalaureate degree programs shall require no more than 120 semester credit hours. An institution with compelling reasons as to why a program’s requirements must exceed 120 semester credit hours may petition to have an exception approved by its board of trustees.

Please refer to the Faculty Senate resolution approving the reduction in General Education requirements to facilitate alignment with this policy.

Red Pin The Curriculum Guide website and the curriculum forms are currently under review and update. Several of the forms have been completed, and there is a new layout to the site. The expanded menus are the same format, but some of the information has been moved. Please note the following changes...(click to expand)

  • Course form names have been changed, eliminating the form letter and separating the new course proposal form from the amended course proposal form.
  • Any related forms you may need for submission are linked under the form heading. For example, under the Routine Change Course Forms heading, you’ll find the Routine Change Form, instructions, consultation forms, the online course approval checklist and a course syllabus template.
  • Form G Program Revision is the only program form that has already been updated, all the other program forms currently remain the same.
  • All the remaining resources have been moved under “Other Information”.
  • All forms are submitted to curriculum@uncg.edu after approval by the department and unit-level committees. Forms will be distributed to the appropriate university-wide committee from there.
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Forms and Information

Red Pin Submissions for curricular changes must be received by:
         Friday October 12, 2018 for Fall 2019
        Course and Curriculum Changes Policy

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If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Wyrick at plwyrick@uncg.edu or 334-5425.