Curriculum Revision Processes

Pre-Baccalaureate Certificates. Please click here for the Pre-Baccalaureate Certificate Policy.

Click here for the UNCG Syllabus Policy.

The UNC System may require the Academic Program Planning Financial Worksheet to be submitted with Request to Deliver proposals. Please review the Financial Worksheet Instructions for assistance.

The UNC System has published new forms to be used to propose new major programs.
  • The first submission to the UNC System is the Request for Preliminary Authorization
  • The second submission is the Request to Establish.
  • The Financial Planning worksheet accompanies the Request for Preliminary Authorization and Request to Establish.
These forms are to be used only for requesting new majors that are reviewed by the Board of Governors. If you are proposing a concentration within a major or a certificate, please submit your requests through the CIM system.

Forms can be found under the "Program Forms" link in the left menu, then click on "Proposing New Degree Programs."

Steps to request Online Delivery in CIM

This brief video walks through the CIM system steps needed to request Online Delivery for a course. There is no audio on this video.

UNC Greensboro utilizes Courseleaf (CIM), an online platform for course and program approvals.

All curricular proposals must be submitted through the CIM system.

All new program and course proposals and changes to current requirements and listings must be approved internally by the:
  • Department/Program Curriculum Committee
  • Department/Program Chair/Head
  • Academic Unit Curriculum Committee
  • Dean or Associate Dean (programs only)
  • University-level Curriculum Committee
  1. All proposals, with all required supporting documents, must be completed and submitted prior to the Curriculum submission deadline
  2. Retroactive approvals will not be granted.
  3. The University-level curriculum committees will make every effort to promptly review and provide feedback on submissions that meet the submission requirements.
Experimental Courses
Beginning Spring 2020, experimental course shells will be available for departments. These shells will be available for scheduling on October 1. Please see the Experimental Course Shell Guidelines for appropriate use.

  1. New programs and program revisions requiring external review may not be advertised until external approvals are received. This includes program title changes and discontinuations. Please work with the Office of Assessment, Accreditation, and Academic Program Planning to follow communication protocols.
  2. Program revisions cannot be publicized to current or prospective students until approved by the University-level curriculum committees.

To obtain access to CourseLeaf, click here.

If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Wyrick at or 334-5425.